Reserving an Item

If you are an established client, you can request that I reserve or "hold" an item for you so that when you have the available funds, you can pay.  (An established client means 5 or more online transactions).  I only offer this privilege to those clients that have consistently demonstrated reliability and trustworthiness through an alignment among their words and actions.  I offer this on a case by case basis so please contact me directly and we can negotiate something that works for the mutual benefit of the both of us.  Reserves do require a written committment to pay for an item on a specific date which is binding.   Reserves are only offered on full-priced items, not sale merchandise nor during an active sale promotion, unless full priced.

If you default on your agreement with me, you are at risk of losing any and all future Reserve privileges since the business depends on your good faith action to sustain itself.