Mission Statement

Kat Kouture Jewelry is a politically and socially astute, very pro-woman brand.  With a background and an advanced degree in Psychology, Women's Studies and issues unique to women's mental health, I believe in giving back.  A portion of all sale proceeds are donated to causes helping to raise awareness and ultimately eradicate FGM (female genital mutilation), domestic battery, human trafficking and sexual abuse-assault.  We also support organizations offering financial aid and psychotherapy to victims.  It is imperative that each and every woman finds her own voice and the freedom to express that individuality through her self-expression, on your own terms.

We are keenly aware of how many brands exploit a woman's body to generate sales.  At Kat Kouture, you will never see a battered or deceased model, nude/scantily clad woman, or a compilation of bodily parts sexualizing, objectifying and dehumanizing women.  You will always be treated as a valued, special and complete human being when you do business with Kat Kouture. The same principles apply to men, as well. 

Let Kat Kouture honor your specialness by adorning you on the outside with that which represents your sacred inner world.