Brand Values & Philosophy

Coming from a lengthy background as a Licensed Mental Health Practioner in Private Practice, I operate from a place of help and  service.   Understanding your needs is a cornerstone of my brand and you will never experience any slick, manipulative, deceptive or high-pressure snake oil tactics to get you to buy.  At the risk of losing a sale, I will always be as transparent as possible about the item's size and weight, the materials I use, and any potential factors that might dissuade you from purchasing (weight or flaws as examples).  Most of my designs are substantive so I understand this is a factor for many women, particularly those of you with muscular-skeletal issues.  For those clients who have shared a personal journey with me, please know that I cherish your trust and vulnerability, and I will protect your confidence with the utmost of importance.

Because I build my business relationships from a model of reciprocity and mutuality, I do expect that you will have read the item's description, studied the photographs, acquainted yourself with my policies and asked any questions you might have before buying.  Once I ship the item, I will send you the tracking details.  After fulfilling this obligation, I trust that you will track the item yourself.  If an issue arises, please contact me and I will engage the courier to further assess the delay.  I cannot, however, be held responsible for factors outside of my immediate control.