Large Busted?  How to fearlessly wear statement pieces!!

Large Busted? How to fearlessly wear statement pieces!!

Part of my motivation in designing jewelry (aside from the therapeutic aspects I've previously discussed) was to create pieces that flattered my body composition.  As a naturally endowed woman, and one whose style was and is bold and evocative, I was continuously challenged to find jewelry that didn't get "lost" on me or call even more attention to this area of my anatomy.  Contrary to common sense and other blogs, if you have a large bust, you want to be paradoxical about accessorizing it and create a distraction by filling in the area between your collarbone, shoulders and bust.  Ideally, you want to minimize the amount of skin that is shown to achieve the right proportions.  I speak as one with great experience in this regard...think of an inverted or upright triangle (calling the attention upwards).

How often have you seen overly-endowed women wearing simple, delicate, minimalistic chains that disappear in the area immediately below the neck and above the bustline? I struggle to maintain eye contact and prevent my gaze from roaming below to the bosom... Frankly I find it to be a very poor design aesthetique and that is looks somewhat cheap.  The goal here needs to be achieving a balance between your shoulders and bust and minimalistic pieces just won't cut it.  At best it looks like an unbalanced pseudo-effort, and enhances areas you want to minimize.  Look at these examples from my handcrafted collection:

Both are beautiful, but neither will complement a large busted woman since they are a choker style and leave too much "negative space" between the collar bone and the bust.  Better options include these below:
Although the examples I'm using are more appropriate for special occasions, I trust you understand the basic principles at play.  Here are a few more examples of how to create distractions with "negative space:"
Some of you will insist that filling in the negative space will call more attention to your bust.  I strongly disagree.  If you are endowed, you will always know if the attention is on you, or your jewelry.  For more casual attire, think LONG as in a pendant worn separately or layered with shorter pieces.  You want to lengthen the silhouette. Examples are as follows:
Other options include wrapping a long opera length rope around your neck several times and letting the strands drape at various lengths.  You do want to stick to smaller or medium sized beads as the larger, chunkier ones can slide from side to side.  Mixing a variety of bead shapes and sizes by layering several necklaces is a good look as well.  The worst thing you can do is rock a pendant that hits you directly in your cleavage (YIKES)!  Although these are just examples, always keep in mind your neckline and the balance between your shoulders and your bustline.  If you are ever in doubt, you can consult with me (free of charge) and I am happy to provide you with recommendations or assist in styling a particular outfit. These guidelines also apply if you are someone with heavier upper arms or broad shoulders.  Please visit to see more of my inventory.  Remember that accessories are the dessert portion of your outfit and will complete the message you wish to send!
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